Xailin Range

Product Code: Xailin

Introducing a comprehensive range of dry eye treatment products that you won't find on pharmacy or supermarket shelves.

Xailin drops and gels will help your patients find relief from dry eye with their preservative free ( in eye) formulation that is ideal for contact lens wearers.

Xailin Hydrate, containing Hypromellose, gives immediate relief of dry eye and comes in a convenient     10 ml bottle.

Xailin HA, contains Sodium Hyaluronate for longer lubrication of the corneal surface and comes in a convenient 10 ml bottle

Xailin Fresh, containing Carmellose Sodium 0.5% are single dose vials, 30 in a box, that are ideal for patients with intermittent or persistent dry eye.

Xailin Gel, containing Carbomer 0.2% to lubricate the eye surface. Single tube.

Xailin Night, white soft paraffin to prevent moisture loss is an ideal shield for overnight protection of corneal tissue. Single tube.

Not available in pharmacy or supermarkets.