In 1997 F.I.S.O., Italian Manufacturer of Ophthalmic Instruments, was established: a new factory specialized in manufacturing ophthalmic instruments and equipment.

The technical and managerial staff consists of high qualified qualified personnel with extended experience in the field of ophtholmology, ensuring competence and professionality, choracteristics of companies that have been leaders for a long time in their own field. While the dynamism and the flexibility, which are the distinguishing marks of new organizations, allow themselves to respond immediately to the market needs, offering and guaranteeing highly qualitative and functional products.


The production process displays itself in a modem, technologically advanced unit among which are work centres numerically controlled. The processing of sheet steel has a particular importance within the production cycle.
In the carpentry department, equipped with the best machines and led by highly experienced personnel, the sheet steel is cleverly worked, welded and transformed into high quality products of undoubted strength.
The production cycle, after being passed through the Painting department which is equipped also with a drying oven, comes to the mounting phase and then ends with a careful and constant quality control.

Devoted to moving on the leading edge oftechnology, FI.S.O. has an internal technical office that utilizes the most modem CAD technology, providing concrete answers to new design and project development approaches whose ultimate aims are quality, functionality, reliability in order to ensure the total customer satisfaction.

It has now become one of Australia's largest selling consulting room brands.

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Electric chair that converts into a bed.

Compact Rondo

Two instrument sliding table. Just 105cm space needed.


Large Procedure Chair.

Doctor - Special

Procedure Chair with armrests.


Our most popular One or Two Instrument Chair and Stand for Ophthalmologists.


The Stylish Gloria Chair.


Premium heavy duty electric table with various size table tops available.

Hercules Swing

Popular electric instrument table that swings out of way when not in use.

Hercules Swing Stand

Classic Hercules Swing stand for one instrument.


Electric chair with flip up armrests.


Premium two instrument table with or without electric rise and fall on table.


Stylish and Functional Premium two instrument Chair and Stand.


Our entry level electric chair.


Two instrument Chair and Stand with optional electric rise and fall on table.


Reclining Back Chair


A single Instrument Chair and Stand that  is low cost and space saving.


Three instrument table with electric rise and fall.